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About Us

Owner/Operator; Christopher Gasson
I have been a Qualified Chef for over 12 years, now I am able to share my experience and love of food with you, your friends and family

My Philosophy with food is simple, use top quality ingredients and make it with love!

Traditional European Style of pizza with a thin crispy base that does not leave you feeling bloated!

As an owner operator I care about my product, my customers and the old fashion word of mouth referrals!

My Story and why you should hire my services.

 I started my apprenticeship as a chef in Caloundra many years ago and after several years of travelling and living all around Australia as a chef I​ returned to the Sunshine Coast to start my own business, where it all began. 



The Woodfired Pizza King pizzas are made in a more traditional European style with a thin, crispy base that does not leave you feeling bloated (so you can experience all six types of pizza). I don't overload my pizzas with too many toppings enabling you to taste each ingredient. Lastly I only add my mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheese to the bottom of each pizza so all the ingredients can caramelise to bring out there natural flavour.  

Are you getting hungry yet?

I have been a qualified Chef for over 12 years, working all around Australia, from five star resorts such as Hayman Island to being a private chef on a luxury charter boat cruising the West Coast of Australia. I have also worked in many different styles of restaurants and up market cafes in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Adelaide, Perth and Broome. Within this time I also worked as a wood fired pizza chef both mobile and in restaurants within Perth and Broome. ​​The Woodfired Pizza King commenced in 2008 at the Peregian and Caloundra markets testing my product in the market place for about a year before I commenced doing private catering. In this time I was also testing out my competitors and believed that I could offer a far superior product and service than what was on offer. So, after many years of planning and saving money I have built two mobile wood fired pizza ovens on trailers to keep up with demand, thanks to the help and support of my family. Now I am able to share my years of experience and the love of great food with you, your friends and family.

Why are The Woodfired Pizza King's 
Pizza's so good?​

I use par baked pizza bases so the yeast is fully cooked so you end up with a thin crispy base that is easy to digest, as compared to hand stretched pizza bases where the outer crust is thinker than the base so its often not properly cook through so you end up eating raw dough and feeling

bloated and heavy. 

Secondly we only put the cheese on the bottom of our pizzas not on the top as most of my competitors do, by doing this

you are able to caramelise the ingredients bringing out their natural flavour, as compared to eating a pizza with cheese on top which ends up being very oily and fatty. 

My secret pizza sauce is made from Italian tomatoes with my own mix of herbs and spices, I use a mixture of roasted and fresh vegetables with real premium quality meats like, marinated chicken thigh, and Italian style Pepperoni. I focus mainly on private parties such as Weddings, Engagement Parties and Birthday Parties, so my customers get to enjoy a more personal experience with hand made pizzas made with care. Finally as an owner operator I care about my product, my customer's and the old fashioned word of mouth referrals, which is where I get the majority of my business, since we began in 2008. ​If you would like to read some testimonials from customers that have experienced my product and service over the years, for some peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional that cares about their customers satisfaction, please click on the Testimonial tab. ​ ​

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