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Corporate Catering

Do you have an upcoming Corporate Event or a team building event and are trying to find a mobile caterer to come to your place of work?
Then look no further The Woodfired Pizza King makes it
easy, simple and fun with a choice of 3 options


We arrive at your work place or alternatively an agreed offsite location with our woodfired pizza oven built on a 8x5 foot trailer and setup our 3x3 meter all weather marquee for our food preparation area where will provide your staff with amazing woodfired pizzas prepaid and cooked on site. 

We require a space 7m x 3m for our wood fired oven and marquee. We don't require power and if you are short on time no problem, we can feed 50 guests within an 1 hour.

Option 1: Comprehesive



​The Woodfired Pizza King makes Team Building events so simple and fun. We supply your team with the easy option of par baked pizza bases with pizza sauce, cheese and all the pizza toppings you need. 

Your teams can make their own custom pizzas with some guidance from me.

As a fun and a competitive option I can also be the judge offering gold medals to hang around their necks to show off to their fellow work colleges. 

Option 2: Team Builder

Option 3: Dry Hire



You can dry hire one of my two woodfired pizza ovens and make your own pizzas from scratch. With this option, no ingredients are supplied however you can have the option of buying par baked pizza bases from me or use your own.

I will provide you with very helpful advice and guidance to make your event a success, such as getting the oven up to temperature and cooking the pizzas to insure a successful experience . 

​That's right you could be a King for the night.

You can either pick up the woodfired oven from my depot at Kunda Park or pay a delivery fee to have the oven dropped off and pick up from your preferred location on the Sunshine Coast area only.

The woodfired oven is built on an 8 x 5 trailer weighing 1.5 tonnes and can fit 6 x 10 inch pizzas or 5 x 12 inch pizzas at one time.

You will be supplied with plenty of firewood both kindle and hard wood as well as pizza trays, a free standing pizza rack that holds 17 pre-made pizzas, 2 x pizza peels to put in and take out pizzas from the oven, a pizza cutter and some takeaway pizza boxes for cutting pizza & leftovers. This option is for someone that is very confident that has very excellent cooking skills or experience cooking woodfired pizza.



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