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Everything you need to know to make an informed decision about our professional catering services operating since 2008

Pricing & Service

 Catering Prices:


Our minimum fee for the Sunshine Coast area is $1,000 to cater for up to 40 adult guests 

($25 per head) for All You Can Eat Pizza, then it's $20 per adult thereafter .

Our minimum fee for the Brisbane area is $1,200 for up to 50 adult guests for

All You Can Eat Pizza

then it's $20 per adult thereafter, plus a travel fee.

Kids between 5 and 12 y.o.a are charged at $10 per head and kids under 5 y.o.a no charge.

If your party is 80 guest or more we can offer you a per head discounted on your request.

All prices are G.S.T inclusive

Set up Requirements:

I would require 7 meters long by 3 meters wide on preferable flat level ground​ for my setup and will require access to the party address approx 2.5 to 3 hours prior to the food service time, for setup.

Both of my mobile setups are 100% self self-sufficient so we have our own battery operated lights, we bring our own water for washing up, so all you need to do is set back relax and enjoy being catered for with no stress. 

My wood fired oven is built on an 8 x 5 tandem trailer which can be removed from my car if necessary. My 3x3 meter marquee which houses my food preparation tables is set up directly to the rear of my trailer. So due to the length of my set up in most cases I am setup out the front of your home running the length of your driveway, in some cases if you have a short driveway I may need to setup my food prep 3x3 area in your garage/carport if that suites your function.

If you would like to view some pictures of my set up please click Gallery​.


Food Service:

We will commence food service with my amazing sour dough Garlic Bread baked in our wood fired oven and cut into bite size pieces, we will then commence cooking the six different styles of pizzas in the order of the pizza menu on this website until all your guests are content.

The pizzas are cut into 8 slices and are served on round wooden serving trays.
In regards to timings, the average party is about 50 guests which would take approximately 1 hour for food service, but each party is different so we will cater depending on your guests, there is no time or pizza limit we are there to feed your guests until they are all content.


​Servicing of the pizza​s:

You can either hire wait staff from me to serve the pizzas to your guests alternatively you provide us with a couple of people to act as food runners such as teenagers or friends which can be fun, this is all part of the "European Experience", it brings everyone together, and the kids love it. We don't generally support a "buffet style" help yourself style of catering, we want your guests to have the best possible experience so the food is brought to them and enjoyed hot and fresh straight out of the oven without having to leave there conversation to hoard around a table of food and eat luke warm pizzas.

We appreciate that you and your loved ones are celebrating a special occasion and who does not like to be waited on right. 









Whats included in the price:

We will commence with our famous Woodfired Garlic Bread then straight onto all you can eat Woodfired Pizza with six different types of pizza which can be found on Pizza Menu. We will supply all cooking and food preparation equipment required as well as napkins for your guests. ​

The only possible additional cost would be if you require a food waiter to serve your guests, this request will be required at the point of booking at an additional cost starting from $50 per wait staff for the food service period.​​​​​​​


Service Dietary Requirements

We are able to cater for Gluten Free, Lactose/Dairy Free and Vegan guests at an extra fee of $5 per person. We can also cater for a party with a 100% Vegetarian/Vegan menu on request.


Service Area:​​

We service the Sunshine Coast region and Brisbane with additional travel fees.


​​Once you have decide to book my professional catering services please go to the Contact Us tab and fill in the online Enquiry Form, I will reply within 24hrs ​with my availability and a detailed quote with a link to a booking form.

Once I receive your completed Booking Form I will reply with a confirmation email with deposit details of 25% to secure your preferred date, your final guest numbers and dietary requirements are due the Monday before your function date.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel within 30 days there is no refund of your deposit, however you can transfer your deposit to a future date within 12 months of your original booking date, as long that date is available.


Please Note! 

Due to popular demand we are normally booked one month in advance all year round, so to avoid disappointment please click on Enquiry Form for a 24 hr response. 

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